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Book 4. LIVE in St Thomas, Buckra De Paehae “De Inheritance Box”

Book 4.  LIVE  In St. Thomas, Buckra De Paehae  “The Inheritance Box:,  And LINK to Buckra De Paehae CD. www.thecollectedworksofscottfagan.com

 Dear Friends,

Many of you expressed an interest in knowing when the “Buckra De Paehae” CD would be released and available. It is both, here is the link to the CD www.thecollectedworksofscottfagan.com

And here is “The Inheritance Box” recorded live in my Concert version of “The Virgin Islands Songs” presented  at The J. Antonio Jarvis Museum on Pollyberg Hill In St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Earlier this year (2010) Have fun!                                                  Scott

“The Inheritance Box”


It came to pass dat your boy was given a inheritance box lef for him (me) or whoso an whensoever would care to claim de great an mysterious inheritance sent down from all de Buckra De Paehae’s since time begin. Being dat I am he an he is me (Buckra De Paehae dat is) I undahtook  to receive de great blessings of my ancestry.. an to open up de box. .

 In trut,  I was hoping to fine riches by de gallon wrap up in diamons an pearls an ting,  Yu could imagine my surprise when all ah fine in de box is five poun a paper and 10 half pint a rum. De papers was ol and skrinkle up but de rum bokkle dem was in good shape, in fac someone a dem ancestral Buckra had gone to de trouble of opening each one of  de rum bokkles and making a note of his opinion as to de quality of de contents. In fac mos a dem was half empty an some was treequarter gan. De message on de tree quarter ones was clear an to de point “Laadee me boy, das a good one!” an “Yu lucky ah leave sum fo yu”.

 Inside de box was a nex lil box  wid a ben up nail thru a lil eyehook pretenin tu be a lock, an inside of dat was de heart an soul of de whole ting, a folup up document write out ana brun paper bag (wha look frum de grease stain, like it had in benye an salfish pate once apon a time, but now only contained 4 or 5 lil clump a sumting wha look like a hanful of dry up gongolo).de writin was big an bol so it could look like somebody reading it stanin up on top de roof  of de Luturun Chuch o maybe doun in de ol dungeon undahneet a  Fort Christian.  

Here is wha de ting sae. “Whosoever dat is he who tink he is de rightful air of de fortunes of de Great House of  Buckra De Paehae is hereby granted all of de righteous inheritance dat belongs tu him an de responsibility dat goes alang wid dat”

 An doun below was a lis of tings startin out wid dis.

 1. Owed to Santiago de Espinoza de Consuelo de Espania y Puerto Rico Y Santa Cruz. One musket, One Bottle of Sangria, One unused Hangman’s noose and a Caballo. (Ano Domine 1494)

2. Owed to Santana De Flores de Alhambra Y Cristobal, One small sacke de Gold Coin and a single masted sloop named “La Senora de Mala Suelte” (Ano Domine 1494)

 De lis continue on like dat an on thru de years of every Buckra De Paehae (includin’ a note frum de 1950’s stating dat tree Benye ana salfish Pate was owed to a place called de Besabe Bakery, which explained de grease stain on de bag)  frum den til now!

All kina ting on dat lis me boy, but not  a monarch o even a map to help fine me way thru de wurl. Only Buckra owe dis an Buckra owe dat and Buckra owe de nex one too. An boy, what a lot a Buckra!

 De fac is I is Buckre De Pehae de fus, my faddah is Buckra De Paehae de fus fus, his faddah was Buckra De Paehae de FUS fus fus, an his faddah was Buckra De Paehae de FUS fus fus fus an so on til yu reach up to Buckra De Paehae de FUS fus fus fus fus fus fus fus fus fus,  befo he become Buckra De Paehae de FUS fus fus fus fus fus fus fus fus fus, his name was “Maximillius O’Kelly O’Galvin O’ Fagan de Lafitte, Marseilles an Orleans”. Is only when he come doun here long ago like a teif an he mash up he dash up he crash up his sailing boat onna reef, dat de start to call him Buckra De Paehae. But how a Irish Man name and a French man name could mix up togeddah like dat I don kno, dey mussa had a bunch a woman mix up in de middle wid dem.

 My Muddah tell me me Faddah an alla de olden days Buckra was always gettin mixin up wid too many woman fo dey own good. Dat musbe wha she mean. All de same how a man come tu be a Irish ana English ana French ana Scotch ana Dutch ana German ana Welsh man mash up all togeddah insida one brains, is a good question dat nobody cain answer fo me, but das wha me muddah  say is de actual facts of de ting. She say dat I is all a dem boy plus I is de Buckra De Paehae of de presen time an place.. Tu tell yu de trut, I suspec all of dat is wha have me confuse an lookin to fin me forchunes in a box fulla IOU an second han rum bokkle.

 It look like dem oltime  Buckra De Paehae had kno everybody befo dey was wha dey come now and every place befo dey change up dey name an almos everyting wha evah happen to everybody befo dey come anybody an so on like dat. It look like dem boy had live in de middle of mash up an melee. Like “who bun doun de town in 1742” and who bun up de toun in 1809, (de note from dem two Bruckra say “Don mine wha nobody sae, it ‘tain me me boy, I ain’ do a ting” an “Needah me!”

 De only time whe ah see sumbody owe de Buckra sumting is whe a special issue of de St. Thomas Tilden (January, 1868)  sae “The  Imperial Government of The Danish West Indies has concluded that (based on the testimony of a certain Obeah Woman said to be the muddah in law of the party in question) it owes Mr. Buckra De Paehae 100 lashes wid de Cat O Nine an two monts in de dark hole fo causin de recent tidal wave, two Hurricane and de Cholera epidemic.”..  Laad, po’ Paehae..

 The Buckra CD is now available at www.thecollectedworksofscottfagan.com

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